I Am a young English girl, 19Years Old. Ex model did modelling for two years still taking on any photographers that want to shoot have a studio from my place can be used but now offering more of my services towards escorting for all you SEXY men and HOT ladies out there, My pussy is nice a tight waiting for your fingers/cock/Tongue to enter me. I enjoy all the girly things in life i enjoy going to get my nails done and hair, also shopping i love heels and dresses and being able to look pretty also love buying new outfits to wear for clients, Make up is essential to my life altho i dont pile it on i try to be natural, i spend spear time with friends and go out to town eating out and seeing the latest films at the cinema. What I Like- I Enjoy being kissed all over my body from my neck all the way down. I love being kissed and cuddled. I enjoy having massages as it relaxes me and really gets me in the mood having your hand run all crossed my body or my hand all over you. I love trying new things and I am open to most ideas.
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Hi my name is Kc-

You can have lots of fun with me I will make you feel comfortable and you will have a enjoyable time with me, I am 19 years old enjoying life and would love to meet you and spend time with you, This is my first time doing this line of work but think I will be good at making you feel special...

Call 07956225796 or 07760743354 to book me now...


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