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The Kingdom of Kent was called Cent in Old English and Cantia regnum in Latin was a Jutish colony that later became independent kingdom. In what is now called south east England. It was founded at sometime in the 5th century by Jutes, members of a Germanic people from continental Europe. Some of the people settled in Britain after the withdrawal of the Romans. One of the seven traditional kingdoms of the so-called Anglo-Saxon heptarchy it lost its independence in the 8th century. This was when it became a sub-kingdom of Mercia and in the 9th century it became a sub-kingdom of Wessex. Then in the 10th century it became part of the unified Kingdom of England, this was created under the leadership of Wessex. The name has been carried forward ever since as the county of Kent. Also called the garden of England Kent is steeped in history and full of picturesque towns, rolling country side and busy sea-side towns.

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